Our Quality Policy & Targets

The Management of the company MDWind is guided by its quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) management system applicable to all the employees, as well as to all MDWind subcontractors:

  • To promote the integration of health, safety, environment and quality conditions by training and informing the employees and subcontractors (with the help of the internal trainer whose targets per training are defined in the Certificates follow up);
  • To apply a policy of preventive actions for the identified risks in the QHSE areas (risk assessments for each department);
  • To inform the staff and subcontractors on the procedures to implement the right to withdraw in case of uncontrolled risks and prevent personal injury;
  • To prevent personal injuries and damages to health (by providing the appropriate PPE to everyone and organizing safety trainings);
  • To improve continuously the management of the QHSE policy (through regular audits and meetings);
  • To continuously improve the results of the QHSE management;
  • To target the level of excellence “zero accident and incident” in QHSE management (through preventive actions, PPE, risk assessments, trainings);
  • To fight against addiction: alcohol, drugs, etc. (regular testing, collaboration with the occupational health doctor) ;
  • To employ only staff whose knowledge is adapted to the required tasks;
  • To comply with the regulations and applicable laws (regulatory watch reviewed each year);
  • To be aware of the natural environment and of the importance of its protection in order to minimize our environmental impact and to look for adequate solutions;
  • To prevent any damages to property and environment;
  • To encourage suppliers to respect our policy (which can be read on our website);
  • To communicate in a clear way with all interested parties;
  • To encourage workers to communicate with the QHSE and share their ideas and suggestions (through the HSE Bulletin and On-Site Audits)
  • To implement the necessary means to achieve the points listed above.

The implementation of this quality policy requires the involvement and active participation of all the staff (internal and subcontractors), in all the functions and at all levels of responsibility.

To ensure the best services to our clients, and that as part of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, VCA**, the management is committed to the following targets:

  1. To satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties;
  2. To continuously improve our quality management system;
  3. To control at best the operational services quality
    • To choose the best qualified employees (internal and subcontractors);
    • To improve our staff competences;
    • To control and optimize the operating processes;
  4. To reduce the frequency and severity rate of accidents and improve the company’s QHSE management;
  5. To strengthen our competitive position in the different services and efficiently cooperate with our clients and suppliers.
  6. To be aware of the natural environment and of the importance of its protection in order to minimize our environmental impact and to look for adequate solutions.
  7. To encourage the communication between the on site team and the back office, specifical-ly for QHSE topics.


Weiswampach, 19/09/2019