Rotor Blade Services

MDWind’s Blade Department was created in 2015 through a joint venture with a specialist blade repair company that has been a major player in the industry for many years.

Our teams are trained in our training centre and experienced in carrying out repairs on Epoxy or Polyester systems.

We have the capacity to work reactively and autonomously thanks to our own equipment, tools and staff.
In particular, the Blades department has :

  • 4 permanent teams of experienced workers
  • A fleet of vans specially adapted for blade repairs
  • 5 Sky Climbers® (lifts)
  • 2 Sky Towers
  • Rope access using ACT SAFE
  • Aerial work platform


  • Rotor blade & tower repairs
  • Rotor blade inspections
  • Rotor blade & tower cleaning
  • LPS measurements
  • Blade, nacelle & spinner fiber glass repair
  • Automated reporting