It’s already 10 years that we are installing and servicing wind farms all over Europe – time flies!

Wind Turbine : Installation & Services

All around Europe, MDWind offers professional services for wind farms, starting from installation to maintenance, including special works and supervision.

Wind Turbine Installation & Services

All around Europe, MDWind offers professional services for wind farms, starting from installation to maintenance, including special works and supervision.

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10th anniversary of MDWind

It’s already 10 years that we are installing and servicing wind farms all over Europe – time flies! We started out in 2010 with four technicians, one manager, one van, one tool box and the firm intention to help turn energy green and carbon-free. Since then, we have delivered more than 1000 projects in 18 countries in the area of wind turbine installation and maintenance, rotor blade services, exchange of big components, and wind farm repowering.

None of this would have been possible without our wonderful team of more than 100 colleagues as of today, our reliable suppliers, and the continued trust of our clients. These current unprecedented times have shown us more than ever how precious strong partnerships are. Together we are working towards a green energy future.


WINCRANGE – Maintenance

The work is also running at full speed in our Maintenance department. One of the teams is about to finish the 1st maintenance on the brand new park in Wincrange, Luxembourg. We thank you guys for doing such a great job despite the current circumstances. 👏 And thank you TLages 🇵🇹 for the nice pictures!


Stay safe, stay healthy!


MAROCCO – Installation

Also in Morocco, works continue to progress diligently: We had already completed the finishing works on 7 turbines, still 5 to go. We want to highlight the Site Manager Luis Isidoro and his team for the splendid work they are doing. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice that the current crisis brings with it. We keep our fingers crossed for you 🤞

CROATIA – Installation

The work on the construction site in Croatia is progressing well, our team has now installed 4 of the 18 planned machines! We thank you guys for doing such a great job despite the current circumstances of Covid-19, we thank you for that! Stay safe, stay healthy!

HEIBLOEM – Installation

We are proud of the installation of the 2 turbines of this project.For MDWind it is the largest rotor they have installed so far: 149 m diameter!

Congratulations to all local teams involved in the realization of this project, we wish you a good continuation for the finishing works 💪 Stay safe.

ABLAINCOURT – Installation

The works in Ablaincourt are approaching the end, the last WTG has been installed! Thank you Alexey Myshkin and all the team for this excellent job! Good continuation & safe work for the finishing teams.

TRAINING – Rotor Blade Department

During the last days, our blade department had the opportunity to participate on the Nordex Blade Repair Training in Rostock. Thanks to the Nordex Team for the good cooperation, we are looking forward to starting the season!


MAROCCO – Installation

Greetings from our guys in Marocco, where the team installed now the 10th machine. We thank you for the good cooperation Aertssen Group & Innovent.

All the best for the last machine! 😊

WINCRANGE – Services

After the installation of the 7 Delta machines in the wind park of Wincrange, we are impatient to start the first maintenance there! 💪

TLages 🇵🇹 & team, we wish you all the best for this job! 

MAROCCO – Installation

 A wonderful good morning from Morocco! 👌 The works on the construction site in Oualadia is continuing well, 7 machines have been installed.

We wish you good luck guys, stay safe!

ABLAINCOURT – Installation

Our installation crew waiting for good weather conditions to start the installation of one blade set and the last turbine on the site in Ablaincourt, France.

The picture has been taken after our HSE audit on site, you have done a wonderful job so far. Stay safe guys!

And thanks to Nordex France SAS and the supervisor crew for the positive atmosphere on site. 😊

WINCRANGE – Installation

The construction site in Wincrange is reaching the end: Our team installed the last machine this week.
We wish our finishing team good luck for the remaining works 👍

And thanks for the nice picture Miguel Assis Silva.

MAROCCO – Installation

Now all workers are well back from their holidays and the work on construction sites continues! In Morocco, our team has finished the 6th machine last weekend and with it the first half of the park. Good continuation for the other 6 machines guys 💪😊 Luis Isidoro & team



We wish our partners, suppliers and the entire MDWind team a merry holiday and a good start into the new year.

Thank you for the trust and good cooperation!

A special thank goes to you guys on site, thanks for your commitment and your great work! We are looking forward to the year ahead, which will bring new challenges and experiences.

See you next year!

WINCRANGE – Installation

The installation of turbine number 5 is finished! Thank you guys for the nice work you did so far – You have deserved your vacation, enjoy the holidays at home with your families and have a happy new year! 🎉

See you next year, to install the last 2 machines 💪

OUALIDIA – Installation
The work on the installation site in Morocco is proceeding, turbine n° 5 is about to be installed!

ABLAINCOURT – Installation

What a nice sunset in Ablaincourt! Thank you Alexey Myshkinfor the nice picture, we wish you and your team and a good continuation for the project 💪

BOULAY – Blade repair on skyclimber

Our skyclimber is dismantled and ready for the winter break!

A perfect end for the blade season 2019, we are already looking forward to restarting! Special thanks to all MDWind Blade teams who have repaired many blades in France, Finland and Norway during this year – thank you very much for your effort and work! See you soon 😊

MAROCCO – Installation

The first machine has been installed in Marocco on the site Oualidia! We thank Luis Isidoro and his team for their efforts. Good luck & continue like this for the installation of the other 11 machines! 😊 

ABLAINCOURT – Installation

The installation of the 10 Delta wind turbines in Ablaincourt (France) is taking shape, MDWind is currently installing the 4th machine! We are proud of the professionalism and quality that our team is showing! Many thanks also to our customer for his support since the beginning of the project.

WINCRANGE (Luxembourg) – Installation

We are very happy to install turbines in our home country Luxembourg! The first of 7 Delta machines has already been installed by MDWind . We wish our team a safe work & success for this project!

MARKBYGDEN (Sweden) – Installation

One of the biggest sites in Scandinavia is running! More than 400 people are working on the installation of GE wind turbines in the wind park Markbygden in Sweden.

MDWind is installing 12 of these GE turbines. We wish them a successful continuation in this challenging project!


We’ve got it! As part of our commitment to high environmental performance, we are ISO14001 certified! A big step towards a brighter future. Thanks to everyone involved.

The entire MDWind team wishes all a Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year. We thank you for your collaboration and for your trust! See you next year! ☺
Photo by Marco Lopes

AMG – Installation

Our team is in preparation to build one of the biggest rotor in Belgium (Gent) with its 140m diameter.

We wish Miguel Assis Silva ‘s team good luck and a safe work. Thanks to Olaf Rehfeldt for his support during the project.


One of our services teams is doing the pitch brake exchange on 8 towers in the wind park Chaussée César in France. We wish you a safe work for the rest!

& thank you for the sunny pic Tiago Lages 🇵🇹


BARSLUND – Germany

Biggest Rotor we had ever build!!!!

70.5mts blade on this Senvion 3.7Mw Herkules turbine. Congratulations to Miguel Assis Silva and his team for the splendid job at Barslund site in Germany, and also a big thanks to Norbert Bossen for his technical support. You guys ROCK…… 😉 💪

Nice picture from Ricardo Jorge Gonçalves

WindEnergy Fair – Hamburg

Our Managing Director and some of his Department Managers went this week to the WindEnergy fair in Hamburg.

They had the opportunity to learn about new technologies and meet with a lot of interesting persons and companies. Our thank goes to the organization!

MIDTFJELLET – Blade Repair

Our Blade repair team in Norway almost finished their work in the wind park Midtfjellet. We wish them good luck for the rest!

FRANCE – Installation

After having done the pre-installation, our boys start the final installation of the 8 turbines in the wind park of “Les Coteaux de Blaiseron”. We wish them success and a safe project!

FRANCE – Blade Bearing Exchange
We are proud of our team and Miguel Assis Silva for the amazing job that they are about to finish in Chemin d’Ablis. They replaced already the blade bearing of 21 machines, just 4 to go! Good luck for the rest.

MIDTFJELLET – thank you!

We are happy to announce the finishing of the installation of 11 turbines in the wind park Mitdfjellet – without any accident or incident. Further, we want to thank our customer for the good relationship.

But above all our thanks go to all the team, to every technician. You did a great job, we are proud of you! ☺

CHEMIN D'ABLIS – Installation

Two of our Installation teams are working for the moment in the wind park “Chemin d’Ablis (France)”, exchanging the blade bearing on 25 machines.

MIDTFJELLET -Installation

Number 11! ☺  It’s done, our Installation team installed the last turbine in Norway. We wish our finishing team a successful work!

SOISSONS – Blade Repair

Another blade repair team did a great job working on ropes, this time in Soissons in the North of France. 


We had a nice and sunny day at the “Footeolien” in Paris! Thanks to our great players ☺

MIDTFJELLET – Installation

Aaaaaaaand one more, turbine n° 7!  Congratulations to the team for the good work!

LIHUS – Tower Cleaning

Thanks to our tower cleaning team, another tower is cleaned and shiny again! With our tower working platform, we avoid a heavy cherry picker transport, costs and road repair.

MIDTFJELLET – Installation

Our team successfully installed turbine n° 4 – Keep it up!

FINLAND – Blade Repair

Thanks for the picture F. Rui Lopes and stay safe up there! Blade Repair on 9 DELTA machines in the wind park Kooninkallio.


SICILIA – Services

Well done boys! ☺ Great work changing gearbox in Regalbuto, Sicilia.

MIDTFJELLET – Installation

This week our team installed their first wind turbine on Norwegian territory. Congratulations! 

NORWAY – Installation

Our Blade Repair team had already in 2017 the opportunity to work in Norway. This year, it’s our Installation team that is working in the wind park Midtfjellet, in the south-west of Norway. Last week, they started the Installation of 11 DELTA machines.

MODAVE – Installation finishing

Our Installation Team installed succesfully the 5 3XM machines in the windpark Modave without any accident. We are proud of the team and their work!

ITALY – "Monte Grighine"

Our Services team is for the first time this year in Italy: Main Bearing Exchange on the bveautiful island of Sardinia ☼

MODAVE – Installation

Our Installation team started the work on the windfarm in Modave (Belgium). The installation of 5 3XM tower is planned.  We wish them a successful and safe work!


On 9 March 2010, 8 years ago, MDWind was founded. Our thanks go to our clients, partners, suppliers and of course to all our employees!


Today, our blade repair team finished the work in the windpark Otterbäcken (Sweden):



The whole MDWind team wishes you its best wishes & is thankful for your trust !

Maintenance – Ravelsberg

Sunset in the windpark Ravelsberg in Germany, where our Service Team is active for the moment.

Ravelsberg - Service (Germany)

Rotor Lifting – Twedt

For the moment, our Installation team works on the site Twedt, North of Germany.

Installation : Twedt (Germany)

Blade Inspection : Kooninkallio – Finland

Icy Greetings from FINLAND! Brand new photos from our blade inspection team, which is active in the wind park Kooninkallio. Visit our gallery to see more pictures!


INSTALLATION : Germany – Hammelwarder Moor

During the last weeks, one of our installation teams installed successfully 2 x  3.4M114 NH119 wind turbines in the wind park Hammelwarder Moor in the north of Germany.

Hammelwarder Moor

BLADE INSPECTION: Finland – Kooninkallio

Blue skies over the wind park in Kooninkallio!

Today, our Rotor Blade Team finished the inspections in Kooninkallio, South of Finland.


RES: Safety Day

Our techniciens had the pleasure to participate at the “Safety Day”, organized by RES on the installation site at Mont de l’Ain. Click here to discover more photos!


Our team at the Footeolien event 2017!

MD Wind built  a team to play at the Footeolien in Paris on 9th June 2017



MD WIND is moving to a new office!

We have the pleasure to inform you that MD WIND is moving to its new office on 5th April 2017.

Our new address:

23, Gruuss-Strooss

L-9991 Weiswampach


MDWind's 4 Years Anniversary!

Time flies! 4 years ago, on 9 March 2010, MDWind was created! Read our ‘Story’ section to know how it started, and where we are now.

Congratulations to the whole MDWind Team for the excellent work!


Installation of 3 x 3.2XM114 – REPOWER – Robertsfors (SE)

This month, our Installation Team has successfully installed 3 x 3.2XM114 in Sweden (Robertsfors). This project was another step in our global expansion as, besides supervision, we firstly went to Sweden for installation. Erecting this new type of WTGs is also showing our qualification and flexibility to perform at any type of turbines.

As we never stop expanding, we are planning to go further to explore new countries with our skills!

For The Best Quality Management – ISO 9001 Certification

All the MDWind Team is proud to announce our ISO 9001:2008 Wind Turbine Installation & Services certification !

As we are always looking to improve our quality system and provide professional services to meet our customer requirements, this certification was a way to formalize it on international standards following our perpetual growth on the global market.

The next step will be OHSAS 18001 for international occupational health and safety management system! Because safety is our daily priority, the certification is planned for 2014!


A Wind of Change : New Logo, New Website but still the same Team!

We are very happy to have launched our new website design with our fresh new logo and corporate identity !

A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. Most of all, we wanted to help our clients get to know us better.