Exchange of big components

Presence in Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands


 Job TypeType of WTGNumber of WTG
blueInternal Tranfo Exchange18
N90 - N100 Nordex18
blueGear Box Exchange78
with bridgeS77 - N60 Nordex6
with bridgeN80 - N90 - N100 - N117 Nordex60
with bridgeMD77 - MM92 Senvion8
with rotor dismantlingWWD-3 WinWind4
blueBlades Exchange26
with two cranesN90 Nordex26
blueBlade Bearing Exchange8
with blades dismantlingN90 Nordex4
with rotor dismantlingMM92 Senvion3
NM92 Neg Micon1
blueGenerator Exchange11
N90 - N117 Nordex2
with rotor dismantlingLW750 Lagerwey1
800 KW DDIS8
blueMain Bearing Exchange12
N80 - N90 - N100 Nordex8
with rotor dismantlingMM82 - MM92 Senvion3
with rotor dismantlingNeg Micon NM52/9001
blueYaw Gear Box Exchange13
N90 Nordex12
AW77 Accione1
blueDrive Train Exchange2
N90 Nordex2
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